Brooklyn Nguyen, A Future Marine

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Brooklyn Nguyen, A Future Marine

Christyanna Marchiano, Staff Writer

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Brooklyn Nguyen is a senior at Carolina Forest High School, and she has a bright future ahead of her! Ever since she was little, Brooklyn always loved to be active, and she still does to this day. She loves spending her free time at the gym and is always looking for a new challenge! She has always had the support of her family and friends. After high school, Brooklyn’s biggest goal in life is to join the Marines, and she is on her way to making her dream come true!

Before she chose to join the Marines, she decided to explore all branches of military before she decided on her best option. The Marines was the best choice for Brooklyn because her dad’s best friend is a former Marine, and she has always looked up to him. She also found the Marines’ self-discipline, extreme challenges, and pride to be the most compelling to her choice.

“My number one goal is to test my limits and challenge myself to overcome every possible physical struggle,” says Nguyen.

With many future goals ahead, there are also a few challenges. Brooklyn believes that the most difficult challenge with her decision will be missing her family and friends back home, as well as trying to get into a good state of mind. She also believes that the process of Drill Instructors constantly breaking down those who join the Marines might take a toll on her mental well-being. However, she feels this experience with be rewarding for her.

Nguyen shares, “As much as I enjoy traveling and new experiences, my goal is more geared toward earning the opportunity to become a Marine and serve my country.”

Brooklyn hopes to receive her EGA (Eagle, Globe, Anchor), and earn the Marine title. The feeling of seeing her family and friends again will make her whole experience worth it! Her decision in joining the Marines is by far her biggest commitment yet, and we wish her the best!

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