Does Technology Make Us More Alone?

Katy Bonadio, Staff Writer

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How many times have you gone out to eat and find yourself looking at your phone the whole time? How many times have you been with a group and find yourself staring at your screen? Is the obsession of documenting everything on a photo/video interfering with you living in the moment? Is it our fault the movie theaters have to ask us to put our screens away before we stare at a bigger screen?

The more time we spend staring at our phones, the more antisocial we get. According to Cable News Network, most teens spend an average of nine hours on their phones every day. An expert from CNN also stated that teens check their phones close to 100 times a day.

When asked if he thought technology makes us more along, Robby Falcone, senior, responds, “Yes, because at times we will be glued to our phones when we are talking to people in person.”

Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter are categorized as “social” media, but these apps have only made us less social. Technology was made to keep us more connected, but our smartphones have only been getting in the way.

A study at the University of Glasgow in Scotland linked the amount of time spent on social media with lower self-esteem and higher levels of anxiety and depression. We have naturally created a mask to hide behind that prevents us from connecting with others.

Technology has also impacted our fear of missing out. We can instantly see what is happening at every event or party that we were not invited to. Most of the time, people fantasize the events on social media to reality. Although technology and social media have advanced our world with a multitude of connections, it has disconnected us from each other.

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