The Flick Of The Wrist

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The Flick Of The Wrist

Katy Bonadio, Staff Writer

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With tournaments coming up and trying to keep the streak of winning State Championships, Carolina Forest Ultimate Frisbee Club is working hard while studying hard and practicing three times every week right after school.

The following students are members of our 2019 spring team:  Jacob Colamonico, Alex Harper, Payton Jones, Connor Post, Dalton Propps, Stewart Ruacho, Jason Starnes, David Walker, Kohen Hickey, Trotter Roberts, Tristan Hughes, Brandon Sanchez-Jimenez, Piper Toner, Jason Skau, Brooke Holmes, Wayne Langston, and Raina Mills.

Gregory Williams, a math teacher at Carolina Forest, he is also this club’s coach. Coach Williams has been the team’s coach for ten years now. He loves the game and loves the kids. This sport is the only one at the school that the person with the ball cannot score. They must send it to another teammate for the team to advance, this calls for lots of teamwork and chemistry.

There are no referees involved in this game so the players have to be responsible for their own actions. Coach Williams makes sure his players knows this, and he will not hesitate to them out for playing “dirty.

Ultimate Frisbee is a co-ed sport so they have had females on the team, and this year they have three. They would love for more females to come try out and play.

I asked Coach Williams what his favorite memory is and he exclaimed, “There are moments every day when the kids finally put into play what we’ve been working on for a long time and you can’t help but feel proud! Watching the players who stuck it out through the tough years when we were really still learning is up there.”

With being a teacher and also being a coach, Williams compares teaching a skill in Ultimate is much like teaching a concept in a classroom. The big difference he emphasizes is that “people want to be there; that is not always the case in the classroom.”

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