Yoga In Public Schools?

Christyanna Marchiano, Staff Writer

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In schools, it’s common for students and teachers to witness physical fights or verbal attacks. Other times, students may experience low concentration in class, as well as high levels of stress. However, most schools are beginning to realize that there may be a more positive and fulfilling solution – to offer yoga classes in public schools.

According to, “Yoga as a regular practice can help lower blood pressure, reduce heart disease, improve strength and balance, and deal with depression and other maladies of mental health.” Offering these kinds of mindfulness classes in public schools have been proven to benefit students such as fewer fights, better decision-making, increased self-awareness and self-esteem, etc. The practice of yoga can be a more effective way in calming students and improving healthier school activity.

On the other hand, some people question yoga being introduced into the learning curriculum due to religious beliefs. According to “The Atlantic,”, some parents believe that yoga promotes a “non-Christian belief system.” However, schools are simply removing religion-infused yoga phrases and symbols such as “namaste” and “om,” in order to regulate religious diversity and still promote mindfulness in class.

Isamar Lopez, a junior at Carolina Forest High School, says “I believe bringing yoga into school is a great idea. It can allow people to explore something new and maybe for the better. Yoga can help relieve stress and give students a safe place when they need some peace.”

All in all, integrating mindfulness classes in schools, such as yoga, can be very beneficial for students not only in school but also outside of school. The majority of students and parents may think that school should be a place where students can learn and still remain stress-free, and I believe this can be the perfect solution to that!

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