The News Must Go On

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The News Must Go On

Katy Bonadio, Staff Writer

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A story of friendship, hard work, and love for justice, the story of  Disney’s “Newsies” was brought to life by the Carolina Forest Theater Department. After months of practicing and close to 400 hours of rehearsing, the “Newsies” crew was able to put on eleven breathtaking shows.

Luke Kraus, freshman, stated he liked the musical “because it teaches us to stand up for what we believe, even when all odds are against you.”

Mackenzie Riotto, a sophomore, agreed that “it was an experience that has grown me as a performer.”

Albert Conrad, the main director, discussed the challenges of bringing the Broadway production to our high school. There were many different aspects to the size of the musical and the amount of people and time that was put forth.

Conrad stated, “Our cast and crew should be congratulated for working hard to make it all look so easy in the final shows.”

Kraig McBroom, our music director, agreed with Conrad.  “Getting Newsies” to the final product was a huge challenge for us.  It was truly one of the most athletic challenges we have had, but with the choreography of Bryan Beaman, Erica Pike, and Jessica Carr, it jumps to life with a TON of work and conditioning!”

Sara Martin, a senior playing the part of Katherine Plumber, exclaimed that “the dancing is so much better than people would expect from high schoolers.”

Jessica Carr, a Carolina Forest Alumni, is a choreographer for not just this musical but many before it.  “I’m so grateful to be a part of all the magic that happens in the theatre department….it is so much more rewarding being on the production side. I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world.”

The characters in the musical are complex with passionate personalities. Many of our students related to their characters.

Colton Bray, sophomore, said that his character “Specs is kinda silly, capable of being serious” and “he cares for his friends and stands up for others.”

Titus Parmley expressed his love for performing and being a part of this show. He stated, “This is a very powerful show, being on that stage, knowing the real story, and showcasing it to the people is an amazing feeling.”

The most surprising part of the musical is that it was non-stop. From the beginning, there are heart-stopping dance numbers and beautiful interactions between the characters to help the story unfold.

Conrod also shared, “There was something for everyone to enjoy!”

Our theater department has never been anything less than spectacular. The quality and thrill magnified in our shows shines fourth due to our performers and directors.

Thank you, “Newsies” cast and crew, for mesmerizing us yet again.


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