Topgolf Made Its Way To Myrtle Beach!

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Topgolf Made Its Way To Myrtle Beach!

Emma Hamilton, Media Co-Editor

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On Friday, March 1, Topgolf opened it very first location here in Myrtle Beach; it’s the only one in South Carolina! Myrtle Beach is the fifty-third venue that has opened. The Topgolf Corporation is rapidly expanding to numerous locations around our country.

Nick Pence, an employee at Topgolf added, “Topgolf has been very popular since we’ve opened, especially with college and high school students coming on the weekends. I really enjoy working at Topgolf because of the atmosphere of my work environment.”

Topgolf is a game that anyone can play. In order to score points, one has to hit a microchipped ball into a giant dart-board like outfield. The farther the ball is hit and the more accurate the ball, the higher the scores.

“The only physical activity I have ever done was dance, and I still managed to somehow win the game! Topgolf is a great place to hangout with your friends and have fun. I will definitely be spending my time there throughout the summer,” commented Caroline Kingsmore.

Topgolf is a combination of golf and entertainment. Guests can play golf, listen to music and enjoy food and beverages. The menu consists of breakfast/brunch items, appetizers, kids items, desserts, and their famously known donut holes with injected filling.

“Topgolf was very enjoyable for me and my friends because atmosphere was very homey, and the employees were super interactive and upbeat. I definitely recommend the steak nachos,” stated Bryson Gore.

Guest are also provided with golf instructors, if needed. Since this new attraction is an opened air facility.  Heaters and fans are placed for the guest to adjust their climate during any condition.

Topgolf opens at 9 a.m daily and closes at midnight Sunday through Thursday; on Friday and Saturday nights it closes at 2 a.m. There is no set price for a hitting bay; they cost between $25 and $47 depending on the time and day. Six players and two additional people are allowed in the bay.

Due to Myrtle Beach having over 100 golf courses in our area, it is great to have Topgolf join our community for locals, as well as tourists, to enjoy. Make sure to check out Topgolf!

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