“On My Block”

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“On My Block”

Madison Bolin, Staff Writer

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The Netflix comedy “On My Block” seems to be warped in from a gang-related reality. Created by Awkward’s Lauren Iungerich, along with Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft, the series is set in present-day South Central Los Angeles. It confines much of its action to a single neighborhood and mixes shenanigans, melodrama, and uplift. Its main cast is packed with nerdy high-schoolers and a few outliers. Together they form a kind of ongoing symposium on race, ethnicity, social class, and opportunity in the United States when they aren’t busy getting in and out of trouble.

Caesar Diaz, one of the main characters who is played by Diego Tinoco, is the outlier of the group. Caesar grew up around the Santos gang which is run by his brother Oscar. Throughout the show, Caesar comes face-to-face with many difficult situations. Caesar deals with family conflicts, relationships, friendships and many gang-related problems.

Monse Finnie, the only girl of the group, is played by Sierra Capri. Monse has been struggling trying to find out who she is and how to get out of her dangerous neighborhood Freeridge. While on the quest to figure out who her birth mother is and why she left her so long ago, she ends up babysitting her new kids. After babysitting, her mother figures out who Monse truly is and tries to get to know her better.

Ruby Martinez, the brain of the group, is played by Jason Genao. Ruby is the smallest member but by far the most confident of the group. Ruby knows what he wants and always goes for it. Ruby goes through more problems than anyone else. Ruby grew up living in the same room as his brother and sister; he has never had any kind of privacy.

Jamal Turner, the one person of the group who nobody takes seriously and is always being left out, is played by Brett Gray. Jamal is on a hunt to find the lost money of Roller World from the 1980’s after a gang robbed a bank and stashed the money away. After many months of searching, his friends gave up and left him to find it on his own. He thought that if never gave up on his dreams that he would eventually find it.

From gaining friends to losing them, this show will really make you understand what a true friendship is about. Grab a nice blanket and a snack because once you start watching, you will not want to stop.

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