Ricky Sapp

Kennedy Bassard, Video Editor

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Mr.Ricky Sapp, a prior Clemson and NFL player ,has a fixture around CFHS as a substitute teacher.

Mr. Sapp grew up in a very fun,competitive family. His family consisted of his mom, dad ,two sisters and one brother. He grew up in a small town Bamberg, SC. Besides substituting, he is a personal trainer,,substitute teacher, and my personal favorite, a motivational speaker.

He always thought basketball was his sport, but that all changed when he tried out for his middle school football team.

I think that is what really kick-started my football career,”  he said.

Mr. Sapp attended Clemson University because he felt that Clemson was the best fit. 

“It felt like a family, and they showed a lot of pride,” he shared. 

The best thing about his college experience was graduating and being involved with his teammates.

After college, he was drafted to play for the NFL.  Sapp signed with the Philadelphia Eagles in 2010; he later played for the New York and Texas.   In total, he played about five years professionally.

After he wrapped up his football career,  Mr.Sapp had another calling – motivational speaking.  When he was younger, he took speech classes.  He actually hated to speak because he had a stuttering problem.  As a child, his dream was not to be in the NFL but a motivational speaker.  He always loved how much passion that motivational speakers showed in their tone of voice by reaching out to people and changing their lives forever.

The best thing about his job is that he gets to speak to kids of all ages and share his wisdom and empowerment with them. He also is personal trainer by helping  people of all ages get into the best shape of their life. 

Ricky Sapp is truly an inspiration to me and to others  Thank you, Mr.Sapp, for your words of wisdom and encouragement.