You Never Know How Much Time We Have Left

Kennedy Bassard, Video Editor

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      On a hot, sunny day in the middle of summer, we had to get up really early in the morning. We were going to Washington DC to visit my dad for the first time. My dad was doing part time work up there so we visited him in the summer. When we were there, we had a great time.   We went to zoo, carnivals, movies, rode the subway for the first time and other great things. About half way through the the visit/trip, my mom did not seem like her usual self.

As a kid,  I did not know what was going on. She did not want to go outside anymore and was not talking like her usual self. She seemed very weak. After arriving home the next day, we went to my uncle’s house. I was arguing with my sister about the necklace I had  gotten from the trip. My mom interrupted us saying that we should not argue between each other. I then began to argue with her.

      Our mom and dad had dropped us off at our uncle’s house about four to five hours. Later they came to pick us back up. We drove in the car in silence and knew something was wrong. Our parents were never quiet.  We were always a loud family and still are today, but we could tell something was up. We arrived home and went straight to bed. Being dropped off at my uncle’s home became a ritual. My siblings and I weren’t sure what was happening.

      One night after our continuous trips to our uncle’s house, our dad was driving, and he said very firmly that they had to tell us something. We had stopped at Zaxby’s and got our favorite meals. After arriving home, my dad sat us down, telling us our mother had cancer.  At the time, we had know idea my mom went through medical treatments.  I wanted to help but did not have the ability yet.

        Months went by and as our dad kept traveling more frequently back to us, more than ever I was feeling it was coming to an end. My mom was back in the hospital again for the fourth time. Little did I know it was also going to be the last days of her life. On Easter  we went to go see her in the hospital. She looked very sick and weak. We had to come in her room very quietly. She told us she loved us.  As we were walking out the room, she asked me to stay and for everyone else to leave.

      ‘’Kennedy, you are going to have to be strong for your other two siblings are looking up to you. Take care of them and your dad and always remember I will be with you. Finally,  don’t argue with your brother or sister because you never know when you are running out of time.” 

       She smiled and waved goodbye.  I felt like I was saying goodbye forever and little did any of us know we were. A day later, March 30, Aleta Michael Dean died. I Will never no why God did this to us, but hopefully, I will find out one day.

        This  was not written to make you sad but to inform all of you to never waste the time you have with the loved ones.