Drum Major Bailey Cox – Marching Her Way

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Drum Major Bailey Cox – Marching Her Way

Katy Bonadio, Staff Writer

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As the Carolina Forest Marching Band wraps up another successful year, they are also saying goodbye to their many seniors. The Marching Band represents Carolina Forest with their musical gifts. I always look forward to hearing them on game days and at the football games. They also perform breathtaking halftime shows. Many people put in all their effort into making these shows, and as the year is ending, the seniors will be venturing forth, creating new memories.

One student in particular discusses how much the band has impacted her life over the past four years.

Bailey Cox is the senior drum major for our marching band. She has been a part of the program during her entire high school career. Her first instrument that she picked up was actually a flute. After practicing for many hours and sharing her talent, she worked her way up to the top.

How has your band leadership position affected your senior year?

“Being drum major has really helped me to find my path in life and to learn how to be patient and kind to everyone It helped me to be patient with myself and gain a better understanding of the one thing I’ll always love…music.”

What is your favorite memory from being a part of band for four years?

“Our very last competition the band played one last note, and as I conducted the downbeat, and heard my band produce such an amazing sound, definitely first place winning sounds, I bursts into tears and conducted the last few measures of the show crying tears of joy and so much pride in the program I knew I helped to shape. It was a genuine feelings of happiness I will never forget.”

Any advice for incoming freshman auditioning for marching band?

“Do not give up on trying! Be patient with yourself, because nothing will come easily, but hard work pays off in the end. Just have fun and do your absolute best to be the best you can and always practice.”

What is the hardest part of being a band member?

“The hardest part of being in the band is the multi-tasking. I constantly had to pay attention to the people around me when playing and marching. When conducting, I had to focus solely on the drum line and the center snare. I had to remember my cues and the meter.”

What are you going to miss the most from band after you graduate?

“When I graduate, I will miss the family I have gained from the band program. The constant love and happiness everyone shared, the laughs, the memories, the hugs, the tears, and the accomplishments we all shared. Every person I have met through this program has made me a better person by just knowing them, and I will miss every single one of them.”

Thank you, Bailey Cox, for dedicating your time and energy to our marching band.

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