Benefits Of Living Near The Beach

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Benefits Of Living Near The Beach

Madison Bolin, Staff Writer

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Living at the beach is something that most people would dream about! People love to visit by the beach and enjoy the nice weather, good food, and lots more! For someone who lives in Myrtle Beach, I have experienced many benefits from living here!

One of the main benefits of living near the beach is all the different types of cultures and  the people who live here. No matter where you go there will always be someone different you can meet. Seeing all the different cultures and people coming together in one place is truly mesmerizing. Everyone is welcome at the beach.

When living at the beach, you will never not have anything to do. You have so many options like walking on the beach, going to the mall, roller-skating, swimming or just sitting outside enjoying the nice weather. The beach has endless options for fun.

The weather at the beach is usually very nice and sunny even during the winter times. Last December, it was 63 degrees and the sun was shining on Christmas Day. It’s so nice being out of the cold and being able to get a little sun all year round.

“The beach is definitely my happy place.  All my worries disappear as soon as I stick my toes in the sand and hear the ocean waves,” commented Ann Twigg, one of our English teachers.

If I could live anywhere in the world I would still choose to live near a beach. The beach is like a home away from home for many people. The beach is a place where you can feel happy and safe so you can just enjoy life while getting an amazing tan.

“If you ever have the opportunity to live at the beach you should take it every time, ” shared senior Michael Whelan,

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