My Major Concerns about the World

Kennedy Bassard, Media Contributor

Many of us  go through life not thinking about the big picture of things. I didn’t until iIsaw on the news about the people in v Venezuela running out of water. That’s what got me thinking about major conflicts in our world.

Obesity  – This is a big concern to me because being obese can cause t Type 2 diabetes, heart problems and other diseases. America is the fattest country in the world approximately 68 percent of American adults are obese. I encourage that you should do some type of exercise for at least 20 min three times a week.

Women’s Education – My purpose  is to find ways to help  girls who do not live in America to be more educated.   Most of the girls who live in places like India, Nepal and other countries do not have the rights to education.  I put this on my list because education is so important to me. My mother and grandparents were educators. I realize that an education can help you grow as a person and achieve great things in life.

Teen Depression – This is a serious mental health problem that causes persistent feeling of sadness.  IT affects the way you think, feel and behave.It also can cause emotional changes and physical changes as well. Many teens don’t tell anyone that they  are going through depression. Depression can be overcome in many different ways so please tell your provider if you are going through depression.

Bad Grades – My purpose is to help inform students that grades alone do not necessarily determine if one has learned the material that was taught.   Further, sole emphasis on grades may have a negative impact on student learning. Most students have made a bad grade at some point during their time in school. I live with two siblings.  One of my siblings makes the honor roll often and the other one, my brother, does not. My brother is smart and capable of doing his school work well, but he gets discouraged when he makes a bad grade.  

These are my major conflicts with the world.