An Editor’s Goodbye To CFHS

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An Editor’s Goodbye To CFHS

Shelbi Ankieweicz and Cassidy Duff, Editors

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Dear Fellow Peers,

This is my final writing for The Prowler – a letter of closing, of goodbyes and of “see you laters.”

Soon all of the seniors will graduate. I, along with close friends, acquaintances, and classmates will get up to walk across the stage and shake the hands of all of the administrators at the school. We will say goodbye and give hugs to our friends and teachers we have met along the way. Within the next three months, some of those friends will be off to college, some off to the military and others on a journey to chase their dreams.

After graduation, there will be road trips just to visit friends. There will no longer be texts late at night, asking each other to meet up for ice cream or a slushie. There will be no going out to eat after football games or screaming at the top of our lungs for a Panther win. No more proms or homecomings; no more dressing up for spirit weeks. All the times of trying to race to class before the tardy bell rings will become memories. There will be no more listening to the student pledge every morning and constantly being paranoid of getting dress coded.

Seniors, embrace all of the lasts. The last test. The last prom. The last game. The last sleepover with friends. The last day of high school. Everyone wishes so often for these days to end that they take the moments for granted.

For all who are not seniors, savor the years that are left. High school can seem to be the longest four years, but it is only one chapter of everyone’s life. Why not make the most of it? High school is a place for education and making something out of oneself. Yet, it is also a time of self-discovery and spending moments with people because that opportunity may not come around again.

Therefore, as the year comes to an end, we say goodbye and good luck to all of our seniors. And only a “see you later” to everyone else.


Shelbi Ankiewicz – Editor (2018-2019)




Dear Carolina Forest High School,

These are my last words as an editor of The Prowler. I will never forget these past four years as a Panther, and these past two semesters on the newspaper staff have taught me so much. I have gained an abundance responsibility that will help me in college.

Though this is the end for me, I know the rest of the student body will be improving this school for years and years to come. Carolina Forest High School has changed me for the better, so I just want to say thank you for the wonderfully welcoming and inclusive environment. I am forever grateful and appreciative to have attended here.

I don’t know exactly where I am headed, and I have been stressing all four years about that, but I know now that it is okay. You don’t have to have everything all figured out. I am excited for this next chapter of my life because I still have a lot of learning to do.

Underclassmen, I encourage you to make the most of the time you have left as a Panther. It is one of the most cherished titles that I hold. No one is too cool to have crazy school spirit; I believe that is what makes high school the most fun. Getting involved in the school in any capacity will make high school very memorable. (taking newspaper or joining student council is a great start) Everything in life will only be as good as you make it.  

In honor of the “Panther Pledge,” which is another thing I love about this school, you WILL change the world. Each and every student here has the ability to truly make a difference. Saying those encouraging words everyday has really motivated me to believe it.

There are so many things that I will miss about high school. Life will be very different after June 5, but I hope it will be different in a good way.

Thank you Carolina Forest High School for fully preparing me for the world. I hope the class of 2019 made an impact that will stay forever. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for the Panthers.

I wish the best of luck to everyone, the class of 2019 for their futures, the rest of the student body to making the name of Carolina Forest proud.

I’ll miss you.


Cassidy Duff – Media Editor/Editor (2018-2019)