Can Texting Ruin Communication Skills?

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Can Texting Ruin Communication Skills?

Christyanna Marchiano, Staff Writer

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We’ve all and those moments where we find ourselves using our cell phones while out with family or friends. We text on our phones during school, dinners and even in the middle of an important conversation. Not only can people find this rude and disrespectful, but it can also lower a person’s ability to communicate with a person face-to-face.

According to, “Non-verbal communication, such as body language, voice inflection and facial expressions are all crucial parts of interpersonal communication. Texting allows for none of these to be expressed, therefore creating a major disconnect.”

We mostly strengthen our communication skills through physical contact with other people. However, texting can cause us to lose these essential basic skills. We may forget how to act around our peers, therefore, making talking to people much more difficult.

Kaya, a junior at Carolina Forest High School, says, “Sometimes you meet people, get to know them, and text them. However, when you see them in person, it can make things more awkward because it can be harder to get used to actually talking to them.”

Also, according to, “As technology keeps progressing, texting is becoming more and more unnecessary.” It’s safe to say that apps like Skype and Facetime have been a more efficient way of communicating through technology. You can easily talk verbally to people face-to-face without having to type it out on a keyboard.

Mrs. Weaver, one of our English teachers, says, “Texting can take away the ability to differentiate tone in what a person is trying to say to another. Some words can be taken out of context depending on how a person interprets it.”

So if you wish to communicate through cell phone, try using Facetime or Skype to talk to someone while seeing and listening to the other person. That way, it can be a lot easier to talk to that person in real life!

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