Struggles of a Student Athlete

Kennedy Bassard, Staff Writer/Media

Being a student athlete is hard. Sports help you learn to manage time better. It also keeps you in shape and challenges you to keep up with your grades. Time management is very important. If you’re spending  two hours on one page, you will have no time for the rest of your other homework. You have one of two choices: to stay up all night and  finish or don’t do the rest.

Both choices are not recommended. If you don’t have enough sleep,  then you will no be able to function as well as you would on a normal day or if you do not do the rest of your homework,  you take a zero and now you are behind.

Usually when you are a student athlete,  your coaches have a standard for your grades. My coach’s standard was 70% percent or higher for every class taken. If you did not meet this standard, you wouldn’t run or be able to participate in practice until your grade came up. Most of the time,  I would stay up and do my homework. This same thing happens with many student athletes.

Some people think that without having challenges to overcome, we will never have opportunity to discover what we are truly capable of. Without challenges, you are never going to know what it is like to actually work for things, but  that does not mean it makes you physically or mentally soft. In fact, it is good not to always have a challenge right in front of you.

There are over a million student athletes around the world,  so if they can do it, you can as well.