VSCO Girls


Luana Alves, Staff Writer

Would you consider yourself a VSCO Girl? The trend VSCO Girl started on social media when teen girls would get on an app and make funny short videos about themselves. 

The typical stereotype for VSCO girls includes, but is not limited to the following: Nike shorts, oversized t-shirt, messy buns with Birkenstocks and Pura Vida bracelets or shell necklaces. She always has her Hydro Flask, and it must be covered with stickers. They always have their scrunchies on their wrist or in their hair, and they must have a Jeep to drive. Teens, mainly girls, have mixed emotions on this stereotype or seeing these girls online. 

According to Sarah Spellings from thecut.com, “In recent months,the VSCO Girl has become inescapable incertain corners of the internet mainly those that teens flock to, like YouTube and TikTok and made its way into established outlets like the New York Times and BuzzFeed News.

Paige Kretz, a senior, shared, “A VSCO Girl is a person who is very involved and wants to save the planet and is self aware”. 

Some people think that a  VSCO girl is a joke. At Carolina Forest High School, some people are continuously going around saying “an i-oop-” or “SKSKSKS… I dropped my Hydroflask,” mocking these VSCO girls.

VSCO really is an app known for editing pictures with a dreamy film camera filter where you post your pictures after editing, but people can’t like it or comment on it. These girls have taken this app and made it to their own thing. 

“I feel that VSCO Girls are a meme because they all wear the same stuff and act the same,” commented junior Austin Weinick. 

Kyndal Moore ,a junior, shared, “Not everyone who uses the VSCO app is a VSCO girl because people can just use it to add a filter.”

The VSCO app has definitely made its mark in social media. Wonder how long it will be before another app takes the world by storm? These VSCO Girls could change everything.