A Warm Welcome to New Teachers


Zoe Santiago, Staff Writer

Carolina Forest High School is always expanding. As of September 13, we have over 2600 students enrolled at Carolina Forest High School.  Not only do new students come to the Forest each year, teachers do, too.

For our 2019-2020 school year, we have had a total of 18 new teachers: Randi Aubry, Yvette Breece, Laura Burdick, Emmanuel Dewalt, Travis Eppleman, Corrin Johnson, Courtney Krempasky, Isaiah Lawrence, Kara Matthews, Abby Merrell, Kam Mueller, Sarah Mueller, Kim Napolitano, Lindsay Nobles, Jamison Pertelle, Dakota Strasinger and Becky Tighe.

Teaching is a rewarding job that helps reach out to all students.  Carolina Forest High School has always had a myriad of enthusiastic teachers for the vast array of subjects we offer at our school.  Most are inspired due to wanting to help others and from people they have met in their past.

Kim Napolitano, our new head guidance counselor, shares, “I was inspired to become an educator to help students.”

Lindsey Nobles from Aynor, SC, attended Coastal Carolina University.  This is her first year teaching math at Carolina Forest High School. 

 “My high school math teacher Mrs. Windham inspired me to teach,”comments Lindsey Nobles. “What I love most about CFHS are my students and the staff.”

CFHS has many different things to offer their students and faculty. It might take some time for all new teachers to adapt to the Panther lifestyle, such as our huge campus.

Yvette Breece, a Special Education teacher from Denver Colorado, says “I love the diversity and school spirit! Before I was hired, this was the school I had researched and knew this was where I wanted to work.”

 Emmanual Dewalt  teaches science and is the new head coach for the men’s varsity basketball team.

Coach Dewalt shares, “Everyone has been very helpful.”

There are so many new faces to welcome here at CFHS. We cannot wait to see what the future holds for them.

Welcome to Carolina Forest High School!