New Netflix Original: “Tall Girl”


Megan Evans, Staff Writer

Netflix hits us with several great TV shows and movies all the time. It is most people’s first choice to find binge-worthy things to watch. A new Netflix original has circled around and caught much attention lately; it is called “Tall Girl.”

“Tall Girl” is a movie about a high school female junior who is six foot one. Jodi (played by Ava Michelle) struggles with her school life because of her height. Most of her classmates tease her for being tall. Jodi gets asked “How is the weather up there?” daily and is told she will always be the tall girl, not the pretty girl. Jodi is very insecure about herself and begins to doubt herself.

Her best friend Fareeda (played by Anjelika Washington) and older sister Harper (played by Sabrina Carpenter) encourage her to stand up for herself and to not let them bother her. Jodi wants to find a boyfriend taller than she is. Her guy best friend, Dunkleman (played by Griffin Gluck), has been in love with her for years, though. He is way shorter than her but has liked her for seven years. Jodi says she has a specific boyfriend check-list.  The main one being he has to be taller than her. 

An exchange student from Sweden comes and joins their school. His name is Stig (played by Luke Eisner). He is good-looking, nice, and taller than Jodi. She immediately falls for him. Kimmy (played by Clara Wisely), the most popular girl at school, wins Stig over, but he knows he made the wrong decision. He sees Jodi as a girl, not just a tall girl. Stig breaks things off with Kimmy and wants Jodi back, but Jodi does not want to start over with him but with someone else.

A fun fact about this movie is that the leading actress, Ava Michelle, was a part of the show “Dance Moms” but was kicked off because she was too tall. She went on to pursue her career with dancing and is doing very well.

This movie was great and really interesting. It can teach people a lesson not to bully. It makes people realize that their comments can truly hurt a person’s feelings. Also it gives insight that you should love yourself for who you are.

If you are looking for a new movie to watch, I highly recommend “Tall Girl.”