Powder Puff Girls Are Back!


Luana Alves, Staff Writer

If you think football is only for boys, you need to think again! 

Fellowship of Christian Athletes sponsors a Powder Puff game each year as a charity fundraiser. On the night of October 2, our girls huddled on the football field for the big night. 

Powder  Puff hype begins a few weeks before game night. Every year these girls get excited to play football with one another. After paying an entry fee of $25.00, which includes payment for an individual football jersey, the girls and their coaches, plan evening or morning practices. This gives all of them a chance to form a better friendship. 

Lizzie Rourk, a sophomore, shared, “To prepare for the Powder Puff, my team ran plays and then we had team bonding to get closer as a team.” 

Jay Philon announced the games with Kristen Kilheeny running the clock. Tripp Satterwhite, Will Hall, and Brain Brunson, along with Ethan Hillman, officiated the game. Ann Twigg and Jen Sefick helped organize the event, and CFHS Athletic Booster Club, along with the baseball team, helped with the concessions. 

Despite a thirty-minute, heat index delay, the excitement from the game was incredible. The lights were shining brightly, and the girls were all ready to go. The popcorn was popping; the drinks were cold. The sophomores and juniors played first, with the juniors taking the win of 36-6. The next game, the seniors defeated the freshmen, 49-0. For the PowderPuff championship game, the seniors beat the juniors,winning 13-6. 

“Winning the Powder Puff game was a fun memory from my senior year that I will always remember,” said Lily Hortis. 

Teachers volunteered their time and effort to coach each team. Coach Dave Schenck- Freshmen; Coach Jesse Patrick – sophomores; Coach Brian Gennarelli – juniors and Coach Conner Cooper – seniors. 

“This was my second year coaching the sophomores, and they made major improvements as a team. We learned a lot about ourselves and as a team. I am sure we will see success as a team in the future,” commented Coach Patrick. 

If you think about it, everything about this game is important for our school. It’s great how it includes girls in a sport. The Powder Puff fundraiser helps many girls get more interested and involved in sports in a fun and healthy way.  FCA plans to use the money made during the event for a community charity this winter and help send students to the FCA Leadership Camp next summer.