Did the Titanic Really Sink?


Zoe Santiago, Staff Writer

I am obsessed with conspiracy theories and have always been one to think outside the box. I enjoy stories that go against the normal. It is interesting to look at events that are not always what they seem. 

One of the most popular conspiracy theories is about the Titanic. This extravagant ship sank in 1912, and approximately 1,500 people died. It is known as one of the most tragic tales in our history.

 But the question is… was the ship that sank the real Titanic? Conspiracy theorists believe that the ship was not actually the ship that the company, The White Star, had promised. 

The White Star had many competitors in England. Locally, The White Star’s main competitor was The Cunard Steamship Company. One of the most popular ships that was well-known from Cunard was the Luisitania. To compete with the Lusitania ship, White star entered a giant ship war. 

 In 1902, White Star began working on “olympic-class ships.” Olympic-Class ships were thought to outclass Cunard’s ships. The three main ships were the Olympic, the Titanic, and the Britanic. 

The Olympic was the first to be built. Its first few voyages were unsuccessful. During the fifth voyage, the ship’s vessel ran into some trouble. On September 20,1911, the Olympic was involved in a crashing of another ship. The Olympic was able to head back to port  but in very bad condition. A trial was later scheduled for the White Star Line’s responsibility for the incident.

The Olympic was then an economic disaster. The lawsuit that was against White Star’s company meant that the repairs would not be covered by insurance, and no money was coming in because of the failure to travel. 

The company then made a switch. The newly- built, second ship would take on the name the Olympic, while the original damaged ship would be now known as the Titanic. Eventually the original Olympic ( now Titanic) would be caught up in an accident in order for the White Star Line could collect insurance money helping a brand new ship, while “the original” Titanic could have prospered. The only thing that got in the way of the plan was the iceberg.  

So did the Titanic really sink, or was it really the Olympic? I strongly agree with this conspiracy. It all makes sense. It is fascinating to see how people could be so greedy for money. Both the Olympic and the Titanic are very similar side by side and are even made by the same company. It is so easy to sneak another title on a ship. Turns out this exciting voyage was set up for failure from the beginning.