Young Musicians Making Wrong Decisions


Megan Evans, Staff Writer

Sadly, drugs have become more of a problem in our music industry the past few years. 

In November 2017, Lil Peep, only 21-years-old, died of an accidental overdose. He died from taking Fentanyl and Xanax. A year later, Mac Miller (26) also died of an accidental drug dose caused by Fentanyl, cocaine, and alcohol. On December 9, Juice Wrld passed away at the age of 21. He suffered a seizure that authorities are reporting was caused by a drug overdose. Juice had a Percocet and lean addiction. So many young musicians are dying due to drugs, and it is getting really scary. 

Many musicians hold an audience of many younger people. This makes it easier for these fans to follow in their bad habits. They think it is cool to do experiment with drugs and alcohol because someone they admire is doing it.

According to, a November 2017 study shows that an overall 5,455 teenagers died due to a drug overdose (male 3,792 and female 1,663). The most common drug teens consume is alcohol. 

After the passing of Juice Wrld, several musicians have decided to quit hardcore drugs because of the fear that fans will follow in their footsteps.

The drug epidemic needs to be brought to our attention more. It is a growing problem and is causing the loss of lives every day.