The Power of Conditioning


Zoe Santiago, Staff Writer

Every athlete should focus on conditioning before and after seasons. It is important to focus on your body to prepare for specific sports. Conditioning not only helps athletes be prepared, but it also plays a crucial role for injury prevention. When following a strong conditioning program, athletes will lower the risk of injuries by strengthening ligaments, tendons and muscles.

The winter season is almost over, and it has already kicked into high with strength and conditioning practice. Carolina Forest High School has many sports to offer: baseball, softball, boys tennis, track and field, ultimate frisbee,  boys and girls soccer, boys and girls lacrosse and boys golf. I was able to contact several coaches and players about the work ethic behind each sport and what it takes to prepare for the upcoming season.

All athletes are expected to maintain a high level of fitness even before conditioning begins.  Our Carolina Forest track team is working towards their fourth consecutive region title for the girls. We hope to improve the number of athletes competing in the state meet at the end of the year.

Jesse Patrick, our track and field coach, explains, ‘’I am excited to see the process that both the ladies and men have made over the course of the off season. They have been working very hard to make the team  better.’’

 The South Carolina High School League gives everyone 20 days to workout and practice. The baseball team takes full advantage of each practice. Coaches Joey Worley and Matthew Harder make sure each player is getting better on and off the field. 

Worley states, ‘’If we can practice and throw strikes, we are going to be okay. We have to concentrate on winning each pitch and on CF.’’

The off season is known to be the best time to stay in shape and work on speed and agility. It is common knowledge that endorphins are released during an effective workout. As you are burning calories and these endorphins are flowing, mood is being elevated and are then able to deal with stressful scenarios. 

Anthony Gerber, who plays lacrosse, mentions, ‘’ It is important to build chemistry with your teammates. I am most excited to work hard and see how my conditioning pays off on the field.’’

Tj McCallum, one of our track and field players, added, ‘’During the winter months I make sure to check the weather and wear warm clothes just in case it is cold. Conditioning is a great opportunity to get you in shape for any type of sport.’’