Super Bowl LIV

Megan Evans, Staff Writer

Football is still in the air and bringing excitement to sports fans.  Super Bowl LIV will take place in Miami, Florida on February 2, 2020. As of right now, there are four teams left in the playoffs. On Sunday, the Tennessee Titans will be playing the Kansas City Chiefs at 3:05 p.m. and the Green Bay Packers will be play the San Francisco 49ers at 6:40 p.m. The winner of these games will determine which two teams will be attending Super Bowl LIV.

The first NFL Super Bowl took place in January of 1967. It was located in Los Angeles, California. The teams that played in that game were the Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs, who are actually trying to secure another Super Bowl ring this year. 

The Super Bowl is definitely mostly about the game, but also the commercials and halftime show. The commercials seem to surprise every year and the halftime show excites us with a new artist each time. This year Jennifer Lopez and Shakira will perform at the Pepsi Super Bowl LIV. 

Many people do not realize how expensive the Super Bowl commercials are each year. Companies pay around five million dollars for just a thirty-second advertisement. 

According to Sports Illustrated, last year’s Super Bowl LI between the Patriots and Falcons drew an average of 111.3 million viewers in America. Super Bowl XLIX holds the most viewers in history at 114.4 million people.

Payton Palmer, a junior, shared, “I think the Packers will win a ring this year.”

Laney Boggs, a junior, added, “I pick the 49ers as the Super Bowl champions.”

I, however, believe the Titans are taking it this year. This upcoming week will be exciting as we see who will advance to the Super Bowl. Make sure to tune in.