Parental Pressure on Teenagers

Baileigh Kauffman, Staff Writer

I feel like there is more pressure on teens ages 13-17 to perform in sports, have exceptional grades, and keep up at home. In some ways, this pressure is necessary, but in others, it is overly excessive. Sometimes this pressure can cause long term effects. For other teenagers, this is the pressure many people thrive under.

My parents especially are strict about performing well in sports. When we fall, we get back up; when we cry… well, we don’t. We play our hearts out and don’t stop until the games are over. When it’s over, we get the lectures on what we did or didn’t do during the game or practice. They’re coaches in their minds, and they pile on and on top of the pressure already there from teammates, referees, and coaches.

Another pressure concerns grades. Many high schoolers are worried about their grades for getting into colleges, high GPAs and scholarships are on the line. Students put too much pressure on themselves with the added pressure from teachers and parents. It can be overwhelming at times but then again this is the pressure or motivation many teens need. 

I feel like in some ways, keeping up at home with chores and family stuff is the hardest of all. Everyone says family is the most important, but is it really? Your parents get away from their family to focus on school, college, jobs, and finding a husband or wife to start their own family.  Well, at least that’s what my dad says. So think about it: are you really that close to your family, or do you have higher priorities in mind?

 This is all my opinion and what I feel is happening, along with hearing from my friends and learning from my own family experiences. Everyone’s homelife is differen,t and I’m not trying to compare mine to anyone else’s. We all come from different backgrounds, but I feel like we can all relate to these pressures from our parents or guardians in the same way.