Benefits of Weightlifitng


Sean Sandes, Staff Writer

Weight training is very helpful for athletes who play any sport.

Many people have misconceptions when it comes to lifting weights. It isn’t just about bulking up and building muscle mass. The benefits include better sleep, weight loss, improved posture, gaining bone density, boosting metabolism, and lowering inflammation.

According to Dr. Brad Schoenfeld, director of the Human Performance Lab at New York City’s Lehman College, “I’ve seen countless transformations from regimented resistance training. Not only from a body standpoint but emotionally and mentally as well.

 Football Coach Marc Morris is well-known for leading the Carolina Forest Panthers to some great victories.  He stands by his belief that athletes who work hard in the weight room will excel on the field or court. He argues that pure talent might give an athlete an advantage. but lifting weights is the only way for an athlete to be truly successful. 

I personally have been lifting weights for a little over a year, and it has improved my athletic abilities tremendously. It’s made me stronger, faster, and more coordinated.

No matter what sport you play, weightlifting can always improve your abilities. Lifting weights with you can also build relationships, along with building self-confidence.  

Junior Wesley Fletcher, a varsity basketball player, says,” Weightlifting has improved my skills as a player and made me stronger and athletic enough to be able to dunk.”

Speaking from my own experience as someone who lifted weights on my own at the gym and in the weight room, I’ve learned it is a different experience lifting with teammates. Both can get you stronger, but there is a bond formed between teammates and friends you fight to overcome your battles together in the weight room. 

All great teams function like a machine. All parts need to work together and for that, you need team chemistry. Working together in the weight room is a very crucial part of that especially for sports like football and basketball.

The benefits of lifting weights go far beyond just making you a better athlete.