Do You Experience Seasonal Depression?


As autumn approaches with its fall leaves, pumpkin spice, and fashion, there is also something not so good that comes every year: seasonal depression.

Seasonal affective depression or SAD is depression that comes during a certain time of year.

Many people throughout the entire world suffer from SAD. Most people who live in Alaska or places with climates that have less sunlight are more susceptible to this depression. People who experience SAD have but are not limited to the symptoms of fatigue, depression, hopelessness, and social withdrawal. 

It has been shown in a Cleveland Clinic study, 10-20 percent of people in the United States suffer from SAD during the winter and within that group, 75% are women.

I have wondered whether people in my school have experienced seasonal depression; a wide range of our students agreed to complete a survey.

Over 82% of students responded that they get seasonal depression ,and those students also responded that 97% experience seasonal depression in the winter.

A student who wishes to remain anonymous, responded, “Yes, I experience seasonal depression in the winter because I think that being outside is a major part of my happiness, and when it gets darker and colder, I can’t have fun.”

Students were also asked what are the main symptoms of SAD and the majority responded with fatigue and depression.

According to the Mayo Clinic, light therapy has shown to be very effective in treating SAD. Light therapy is when you come close to a bright light for the first couple hours of being awake and most effective for the people with SAD caused by sunlight. Even with this treatment, it has been shown that this light treatment could possibly cause a manic episode. 

There are other effective ways to treat seasonal depression such as aromatherapy, vitamin D, and antidepressant prescribed by a doctor. Another way shown to be effective in preventing SAD is doing things you enjoy and looking at the positive in the darkness.

Regardless if you have SAD or not, take care of yourself and acknowledge the problems you are facing. Try to enjoy the cool air and all fall has to offer.