The Impact of TikTok on Young Mind


Taylor Barnes, Staff Writer/Media Production

TikTok first became popular in 2016, created by a Chinese technology company named Byte Dance. TikTok came about shortly after the app, Musically, was discontinued. These two apps, Musically and TikTok, were very similar to each other as they both allowed the app users to create dancing/lip syncing videos with the length of 15 to 60 seconds.

Additionally, TikTok became the ‘Tok’ of the street, and everyone is still to this day using the app to make different types of videos, such as comedy, dancing, informational topics. Many people all around the world use TikTok for many different reasons as entertainment is different for many different people.

Carly Percell, a junior, states, “I mostly watch comedic videos which can vary depending on your sense of humor. I also watch TikTok’s, that evaluates different movies.”

Everyone finds some type of joy in social media apps like TikTok. However, there is a proposal that TikTok will have restrictions for teenagers.

The influence of TikTok is so strong with various trends. Everyone quickly jumps behind them in the hopes of becoming an influencer or TikTok famous. Many of these trends include adverse behaviors which can negatively influence young people. 

Ronan Solinsky, a freshman, expresses, “I generally consider myself a free man; however, some things like products being advertised, cool ideas, and some trends are influencing me because of band wagoning. I don’t usually practice trends, though; I’m a viewer, not a creator.”

This all solely boils down should TikTok be banned for minors under the age of 18 or not? There are many mixed feelings on these as different perspectives are taken into account. This is because there is the perspective from the minors who are saying that TikTok should not be banned and/or restricted at all. Then there are the adults that are saying that TikTok is bad, and minors shouldn’t have access to it. 

Adriana Valvano, a sophomore, explains, “I think it is a dumb idea because people should be able to choose how they spend their own time. If they choose to spend it on TikTok, who cares? That’s what they want to do and if it affects their productivity/school, then that’s on them. There are many people under the age of 18 who can watch TikTok and are able to keep up with schools/responsibilities. They shouldn’t also have that limit if they can watch TikTok responsibly.”    

There are, however, some teenagers who feel differently.

“I think it [TikTok] should be banned for anyone under 13, but I feel that teenagers should have limits,” adds junior Elliot Williams.

Presently, the proposal is not final. Even still, TikTok is definitely here to stay as the popularity for this app will most likely continue to stay at its highest peak, or at least until the next video app comes along. 

Image by Google.