Uneventful Troubles

Uneventful Troubles

Taylor Barnes, Staff Writer/Media Production

Everyone in their life faces struggles as it is completely unavoidable. No matter how much you try to run or hide, your struggles will be quick on their feet and will find you. You simply just can‘t avoid them, but it all depends on you.

Do you decide to face them head on and roar in the face of fear and let them know you’re not backing down? Or do you back up in that corner with nowhere to go and let the darkness from your struggles consume you whole? I must say I have been both. Both the proud lion that is strong and is top of the food chain. Then on the other hand, I have been that little speck of dust that goes unnoticed and tries so hard to make it through the day.

Once upon of time I faced an incident where I got into a wreck, and it could’ve possibly been the end of me. With scars on my face, I felt small and worthless as at first glance of my face you would see my scars. As what some would call ‘battle scars,’ but to me how would it be battle scars when my feet haven’t even touched the field? I still struggle to this day from the backlash of one simple mistake gone wrong. A simple mistake that still leaves me shaken as soon as I feel a car starting to speed up. I become so overcome with fear that I feel my body shake in absolute horror, but I face it every day as I push myself to limits that me from years ago would‘ve never dared to look at.  In the face of failure and challenges I refuse, and in the end, I am that proud lion that continues to grow and face the uneventful. I don’t shrink in the face of obstacles I conquer.

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