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How Dual Enrollment (PACE) Classes Benefit Students


All across the country, students are taking dual enrollment classes at their local community colleges. From a GPA boost to preparing for life after college and to even getting a better spot on the housing application in college, there are numerous reasons why a student may elect to take a dual enrollment class. These classes are offered to students while they are still in high school with the purpose of allowing students to obtain college credit for free before they go off to college. 

In the Horry County School District, Horry Georgetown Technical College (HGTC) offers surrounding high school students the opportunity to participate in a program specifically designed for them. The Program for Accelerated College Enrollment (PACE) allows high school students, typically juniors and seniors, to get ahead on college credit by taking standard college classes with university professors without conflicting with their high school schedule. HGTC makes it easy and accessible for students to attend classes with their three campuses conveniently located across Myrtle Beach, as well as offering the option to take classes online. 

Ryder Bahr, a Carolina Forest alumni, took advantage of dual enrollment classes while in high school which has benefited him his freshman year of college.

“[Taking PACE classes] has set me up for a more independent studying routine and helped with the transition from high school to college more than I thought it would. I’m glad I took PACE classes in high school,” shares Bahr. 

It is also worth noting that Ryder is considered a sophomore, despite it only being his second semester enrolled at the College of Charleston because of his transfer credits. 

To put into perspective the time and money it saves students to take dual enrollment classes, an average college credit is three credit hours. A student taking four dual enrollment classes over the course of their senior year will graduate with 12 transferable credit hours to the college they intend on attending. These 12 credits will fulfill a typical semester’s worth of coursework at a four-year institution, saving the student both time and money. 

According to the Education Data Initiative, “The average public, four-year university charges in-state residents $390 per credit hour. Most college courses are worth three credit hours, meaning one college class typically costs $1,170.” 

Based on the statistics from the Education Data Initiative, taking four dual enrollment classes over two semesters, which in Horry County are most often paid for by HCS, would save a student $4,680 for the courses themselves.

Nevaeh Miller, a senior at Carolina Forest, plans on attending HGTC full time after she graduates from high school.

“I chose to take PACE classes because I think they are a great learning opportunity and experience to have as you figure out your plans for after high school. Taking a college course in high school gives you a better idea as to if college is really the best option for you or if you’d be better off choosing a different path. For me, it’s been an amazing experience so far, and I am excited to attend full time.”

It is imperative that underclassmen talk with their guidance counselor and know all of their options for their junior and senior year. It is important to plan ahead, laying out all of your graduation requirements, when they plan on taking them, and ensuring they have left space in their schedules in order to take advantage of dual enrollment classes. Dual enrollment classes come with a myriad of perks that will benefit students in the long run providing they plan accordingly.

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