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Shaking Off Taylor

Shaking Off Taylor
The Palm Beach Post

Taylor Swift is an American icon. She has been on the Era’s tour since March 17, 2023. She is still traveling and kicked off her “Asia leg” in Tokyo on February 10. This tour has been so successful that it is known to be the highest-grossing concert tour ever making at least one billion dollars. Swift has become wildly popular this past year as a result of these concerts. 

On September 24, 2023, the world found out Taylor Swift was dating NFL football player, Travis Kelce when spotted at his game for the Kansas City Chiefs. Some “Swifies” went wild with this and were in full support, and others were not. There have been many mixed feelings about the two of them being together. Those who are not in support feel this way because people are making it out to be that Taylor Swift is “helping the NFL.”

Freshman Sofia Candela expressed, “I feel like the whole situation is very random. Nobody saw it coming and because of their success, everyone is exaggerating the real outcome of their relationship. If they are for each other then just let them be. They are not hurting anything by being together.”

According to Apex Marketing, “Swift has effectively generated an additional $331.5m in brand value for the Chiefs and the NFL.”

David LeVeck, a dad on Facebook, has spoken out about the hate that Swift and Kelce are receiving. 

LeVeck stated, “Your children are watching you complain about Taylor Swift sitting at a football game, being happy, and cheering for a man she loves in what appears to be a very loving, respectful relationship. Your children are watching; you judge a woman for literally just EXISTING and taking up space happily.”

Some believe she is receiving too much credit for bringing more popularity to the NFL. Football fans are angry that Swift is becoming a reason for people watching games. She was shown a total of twelve times at the Super Bowl on February 11, 2024, and even received a commercial based on her “contribution” to the Chiefs/NFL. 

“I hate Taylor Swift because she is taking over the NFL. Any time someone mentions football, they have to bring her up when in reality she has nothing to do with football,” expressed Caden Livingston, a junior. 

Many people have an opinion on this situation, while others do not seem to have one at all. What’s your opinion? Let us know @theprowler on our Instagram!

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