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Overcrowding in Horry County Schools

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Overcrowded schools have become a problem worldwide! About 17,400 schools are overcrowded or overenrolled in the United States. Overcrowding schools can cause an increase in school violence and disciplinary problems, greater noise and distraction, poor building and environmental conditions, etc. 

Sophomore Lyvia Bossert commented, “Overcrowding can lead to fights, issues with supplying food and academic supplies and giving each student less one-on-one time with teachers. We already have issues with staff and bus drivers, and this adds fuel to the fire.”

Horry County Schools District is a public school district serving Horry County and is the third largest school district in South Carolina. Horry County Schools contain 57 schools that are made up of  28 elementary schools, 13 middle schools, and nine high schools, including three career and technical academies. 

Horry County Schools are getting overcrowded, particularly in the Carolina Forest area. 20% of the student population lives in the CF area. According to WPDE News, Carolina Forest High School, the largest school in Horry County, its capacity stands at 117%! The current student carrying capacity of the elementary schools nearby are Carolina Forest Elementary at 125%, Ocean Bay Elementary at 132%, River Oaks Elementary at 148%, Waccamaw Elementary at 112%, and Palmetto Bays at 84%. 

The Horry County School Board is issuing two new elementary schools in the CF area to help with overcrowded schools nearby. The new schools are estimated to have a capacity of 800 to 1,200 students, two-story buildings, and the construction budget for both facilities is approximately $128,000,000. In addition, HCS added a new charter high school called the Atlantic Collegiate Academy for extracurricular activities and sports. ACA started operating in the 2023-2024 school year. 

“A new high school is needed. The school is overcrowded. There aren’t enough classrooms, teachers, or even parking spaces. New elementary schools will not help if they are all going to be going to the same high school in time,” argued senior Aliyeah Granberg. 

However, schools around CF are not the only ones with overcrowded classrooms. Schools that are 95% or greater are Myrtle Beach Elementary, Myrtle Beach Middle, North Myrtle Beach High, Ocean Drive Elementary, Pee Dee Elementary, Socastee High, Socastee Middle, Waterway Elementary, and Whittemore Park Middle. 

Meanwhile, schools that are over their capacity are Aynor Elementary, Aynor Middle, Myrtle Beach High, Ocean Bay Elementary, St. James Elementary, Carolina Forest Elementary, St. James High, Riverside Elementary, and Waccamaw Elementary. 

It will be interesting to see how the new elementary schools and ACA will affect the overcrowded classrooms in Horry County.

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