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The Prowler

The student news site of Carolina Forest High School

The Prowler

The student news site of Carolina Forest High School


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Silver Streams Submissions
The Silver Streams will be updated frequently and will highlight our students’ art and writing talent. In the link below, you may submit any artwork, photography, writings, and/or music that you would like to be featured in the our on-line literary magazine.
Note: If you would like your piece formatted a certain way, you may also provide a hard copy to Ms. Twigg’s room in Tech 3.
Submit your entries to the following:  [email protected], [email protected], OR complete the Google Form
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Matilda the Musical!

The Carolina Forest Performing Arts Department is performing “Matilda the Musical” for this year’s spring show. The story follows Matilda Wormwood, a young girl who has to put up with her mean and distant father and mother. When she goes to school, she has it worse; the evil principal at her school Agatha Trunchbull is a terrifying bully towards her and her friends. However, when Matilda finds out she has telekinesis she starts to defend her friends from the awful Trunchbull and fights back against her mean parents.

This production features Madison Beckles as Matilda Wormwood, Chris Carbone as Agatha Trunchbull, and Bella Gross as Ms. Honey. This group of students worked together on this show for months. After school, they practiced multiple times a week for several hours learning choreography, song lyrics, lines, and blocking scenes. This production was directed by Jennifer Davis, Kraig McBroom, and Sean O’Malley as well as produced by Matthew Ward. These teachers spend myriad hours into making these students better and helping them love the arts. 

Director Jennifer Davis shares, “Matilda the Musical is nonstop energy from start to finish. The cast and crew have worked unbelievably hard to bring the script to life. Even if you’ve seen the Broadway version, prepare yourself because our choreographer, Alison Levenberg from CCU, created dance numbers even bigger than some of the Broadway numbers. Plus, we’re the only school in Horry County that uses a live orchestra! It’s a fun show with a great message, and I would love everyone to check it out and support the drama department.”

This show hit the Carolina Forest High stage on March 18 for a student school show. It opened to the public on March 19 and runs through the 24. The showtimes are at 7 pm on March 19, 20, 21, 22, and 23 and at 3 pm on March 23 and 24. 

We had the opportunity to see this wonderful show on Monday, March 18. The first thing I’d like to say is how incredible the set is. As soon as I stepped foot into the auditorium, I was taken inside the story of Matilda. From the huge ABC blocks on top of the massive school books to the border of the stage decorated with signs and pictures, all of it is just amazing and sets the stage for this production. We thoroughly enjoyed this show. There were times we were laughing, smiling, amazed, or had our heartstrings pulled. These students were amazing at portraying each of their eccentric characters, and we feel as if every person was cast perfectly in their role.

To see more of what these talented students and teachers did behind the scenes to prepare for a show as big as Matilda, you can visit our Instagram @cfhsprowler and watch our behind-the-scenes video. Make sure to support our theater department by grabbing a ticket to Matilda!


Photo Credit: Robert Lukey

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