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Amanda McDowell

Jase McDowell, is a freshman at Carolina Forest, and plays on the JV soccer team. On March 26, Jase left the field during a home game with a severe headache.  The medical staff quickly realized that Jase’s condition was worsening and was rushed to the hospital.

On the ride to Grand Strand Medical Center, Jase began slurring his speech and slipping in and out of consciousness and also suffered from a seizure. Upon his arrival at the hospital, he was diagnosed with a ruptured arteriovenous malformation (AVM). 

As stated by the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and strokes, AVM is an abnormal tangle of blood vessels that causes problems with the connections between your arteries and veins. AVMs most often occur in the spinal cord and in the brain but can develop elsewhere in the body.

The rupture of Jase’s AVM is what caused the brain bleed that occurred while on the field. He was rushed into emergency surgery where they stabilized the bleeding. This was only the first of three surgeries that Jase went through in a three week span of time.

The first surgery was a success, and they were then able to transport him to the Medical University of South Carolina in Charleston. When he arrived in Charleston, he underwent another surgery. A neurosurgeon perform an embolism to block blood flow to the AVM in hopes of shrinking it.

Dr. Jonathan Lena shared with People News, “I essentially went into the arteries inside his brain and filled the arteries supplying the AVM with basically medical-grade superglue. The goal is to reduce as much blood flow to the AVM as possible, and shut down that AVM. That’s what we were able to accomplish.”

Jase recovered from his second surgery in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit at MUSC. During his recovery time, pressure in his brain increased and the evening of his surgery, he urgently needed an external ventricular drain to remove the excess blood and spinal fluid from his brain. While Jase’s eyes remained closed, he responded to questions with a thumbs up or down and with hand squeezes. His left side was very weak and stroke like. During the beginning of April, Jase began to start moving his left hand and wiggle his toes.

His final surgery was on April 15, and it was a success! Amanda Mcdowell, Jase’s mom, shared with ABC 15.

“The neurosurgeon was able to completely remove the AVM with clear margin there was no new disruption to any other areas. The doctor believes Jase may have a slight setback following the surgery but, after the brain heals, he should be back to where he was prior to surgery.”

Jase was accepted into the Shepherd Center for Rehabilitation in Atlanta, Georgia, and while in rehabilitation, Jase is looking forward to gaining all that he can back. His determination is admirable!

Throughout all of this time, the community has come together to support Jase. Beach Hippie Coffee shared half of the drink sales of their URLOV3D latte would go to support the McDowell’s. Along with the coffee shop, #JASON STRONG bracelets and shirts were being  sold. All of the money raised was donated to the McDowell’s to help with Jase’s surgery costs. 

Before Jase’s final surgery, a prayer gathering was held at Beach Church where friends, classmates, and teammates gathered to pray for Jases surgery the following morning. The day of his final surgery those who had their #JASESTRONG shirts wore them to support him. 

The community has gathered together to show so much for this teen! It is incredible to see what a community can do when they work together.

Freshman Caroline Incorvia shared, “It was so nice to be able to all gather together to pray for him. Watching everyone holding hands and hugging each other shows how much we all care for our friend.”

Jase’s mom stated, “We would like to thank everyone! We have been supported in so many ways.  It has been overwhelming in the warmest ways. It really makes me believe there are truly good, caring people still out there, even strangers!”

Everyone at Carolina Forest is rooting for Jase and his recovery!


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