American Flag Fold

Shelbi Ankiewicz

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On Monday, Oct. 23, three NJROTC cadets from Carolina Forest High School went to Horry Georgetown Technical College to demonstrate the proper folding of the flag.  Cadets Christian Harvey, Theresa Gizzi, and Megan Adams performed the task.

Kraig A. Ankiewicz, a student at HGTC, prepared a speech about what each fold of the American flag represents. Therefore, as a visual aid, Ankiewicz made contact with the NJROTC Captain Boyle from CFHS. 

“Our flag represents so much more than just our freedoms,” said Ankiewicz. “It represents fathers, mothers, individual religious beliefs, the fiber of what America stands for. It’s important people today to have an understanding of what our flag represents.”

Our NJROTC cadets are continually going out into the community and displaying pride for our school.  

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