Club Highlights: Comic-con Club


Hannah Ali, Staff Writer

At Carolina Forest High School, there are various clubs to join! One amazing choice would be Comic-con Club, originally formed by Jon Peret on October 2, 2016.

The club has come a long way since then, now having meetings every Monday during lunch in Ms. Banks’ classroom.

Comic-con Club is essentially run by itself, as the club members vote on their president early in the year. This year, Jade Gambill is the acting president, and she coordinates activities with her vice presidents, Danica Stone and Rowan Passigli. Other members include Rachel Bacchi, Nathan Lester, Kimberly Sullins, Jarret Chaousis, Sam Shepherd, Carmen King, Bailey Burnette and Camille McCollum.

While Comic-con Club is small, the members have formed together to create a safe environment for people that have interests in “nerdy and geeky” activities. The club usually hosts Kahoots for anything they find an interest in, like movies, T.V shows, books, and anime.

“I personally feel like I belong with these people and that we all share similar interests that most people do not share,” disclosed Jade Gambill, the Comic-con Club’s president.

Any events relating towards Comic-con, the club will have an “un-party” where each of the members bring in food, and they play music. The “un-party” is a Comic-con Club tradition stemming from the first one on 2016’s Halloween. Students weren’t allowed to dress-up, so they decided to have an “un-party” instead of a Halloween party.

“Everyone’s interests from movies, T.V shows, anime, etc. are welcome and supported in Comic-con Club!” expressed Jade.

If you are interested in joining Comic-con Club, remember the meeting on Mondays during lunch. The club is more than friendly; it’s like a small family!