Being Newcomers

Haylee Adkins, Staff Writer

Have you ever been new? I have.

I moved here from Baltimore, Maryland. I came down here during the summer to help my brother with watching my niece and nephew. After the summer was almost over, I had so much fun that I begged my brother to let me stay.  

Now I’m thankful my brother let me stay here because my old school is nothing like this school. My old school wasn’t big; we only had 500 people. Coming here to a school with 2000 people is way different to me. I like that it’s different because it’s a new experience for me.

There are clubs that everyone can join and more sports. I actually went to my first high school football game because my old school didn’t even have a field.

Randie Henson, a senior from a small town in Ellenboro NC is new to CFHS. Randie left her hometown because there was so much violence and drugs where she used to live and wanted a better future for herself. Randie is really starting to enjoy her new school. She’s not use to the differences like the one huge lunch and is still learning her way around and her routine for school.

Being at Carolina Forest is very different from my old school  East Rutherford High. It is a bigger school/campus with a lot more students. Being a senior and starting at a new school was a big decision, but I really wanted to get away from my hometown,” commented Randie.

Being new can be scary because you don’t know where to go and you don’t know anyone. I have learned to never feel scared for being new because someone will help you, no matter what.