Small Foot

Small Foot

Haylee Adkins, Staff Writer

Small Foot is a fantasy/musical film that depicts how the Yeti sees human,s or as they call them, a “Small Foot.”

The friendly Yeti Migo is convinced that humans are real. He has to prove to his tribe that they do exist with the help of Meechee, Percy and other friends.

Migo, who is played by Channing Tatum, brings the character to life with his upbeat voice and his personality.  Zendaya, the voice of Meechee, performs a memorable song called “Wonderful Life.” Dorgle, the father of Migo, is the voice of Danny DeVito. DeVito is famous for his role in the television show Taxi as Louie De Palma. LeBron James, a professional basetball player for the L. A. Lakers, is the voice of Gwangi. He is one of the highest scoring NBA players. James also plays in other movies like The Carter Effect and More than a Game. James Corden is the voice of Percy. Even though Corden’s character doesn’t have many speaking lines, he still brought joy to his character. Corden is a comedian and television host and also has starred in other animated films such as Trolls and Peter Rabbit.  

Small Foot has a mixture of positive messages, comedic relief, and a few catchy songs that will have children of all ages singing along and laughing. The movie is cute and quite enjoyable. If I were you, I would go see it before it’s too late!