Class Highlight: Personal Finance

Caelia Allen, Staff Writer

“Many students ask teachers, ‘When are we ever going to have to use this material in real life?’, shares Mrs. Gore, “Well, with Personal Finance, you will use those skills every day in the real world.”


Available to all students and taught by Ms. Brisbon (A101) and Mrs. Gore (C101), Personal Finance is highly recommended to those looking for financial knowledge, whether today or for the future. The course tackles taxes, different types of insurance, savings, job paperwork and budgeting.


Ms. Brisbon strongly expresses that “students possess the most valuable asset – time [and] teaching financial literacy at an early age helps prepare students for financial success in life.”

She also adds, “Students become aware of investment options and learn how to make their money work for them.”


Adulthood is a scary thing and not knowing how to manage your finances is even scarier. Being financially literate is one of the most important things for an adult.


“That knowledge lays the foundation for students to build strong financial habits and avoid many of the pitfalls and mistakes that lead to lifelong struggles with money,” explains Mrs.Gore.


Don’t let time pass you by and be of one the eighty-five percent without retirement money.

Take advantage of your ‘there’s still time’ asset and don’t be financially ignorant. Talk with your guidance counselor and negotiate those IGPs with a spot in mind for Personal Finance. It will be financial enlightenment, especially for the students partaking in future debt by student loans.