The Haunting of Hill House


Haylee Adkins, Staff Writer


The Haunting of Hill House is a book written by Shirley Jackson. Netflix decided to make a TV show based off the book; however, the book is slightly different. The book is about a young doctor contacting several characters to join him in the Hill House to see if it is really haunted. There are small details in the book that appear occasionally in the TV show.  


In the show, a young couple and their five children move into an old house. Each family member starts to experience supernatural beings. When the children grow up, they are all forced to come back to the house because of a terrible event. Along the way, the family has to face their terrifying trauma’s and family conflict. It is a ten episode series that deals with family loss, addiction, and scandals while dealing with extraterrestrial spirits. The show is not just about the house and it being haunted. It is mainly about the children growing up into adults and facing the real world and their problems. .  


Michiel Huisman plays Steven Crane, the oldest sibling; he writes a book about his experience in Hill House. Crane is a famous Dutch actor, musician, and singer-songwriter. Crane has played in other shows such as Game of Thrones. Elizabeth Reaser portrays Shirley Crane the second oldest sibling who disagrees with her brother Steven. Reaser played in the Twilight sagas as Esme Cullen.


The book, in my opinion, is better.  I however, believe that the show is more horrifying.  Some of the scenes have an aspect of being so real that it literally gives everyone chills. Also, I enjoy how the show is family-orientated. The family has problems but come together to go to face Hill House. I recommend everyone to watch it, if not for the scares but for the family dynamic.