Bows to Toes!

Emma Hamilton, Media Co-Assistant

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Our 2018 Carolina Forest Varsity football cheer team ended the season with many smiles. Many students do not realize that cheerleading takes a lot of confidence and hard work. In most cases, cheer is held after school three to five days a week. Practice consists of working on stunts, tumbling, cheers, and the competition routine.

“Cheerleading takes a lot of long hours of hardwork and dedication, especially when we are only on the competition mat for 2 minutes and 30 seconds. Cheering for our team every Friday night is the best part of being a cheerleader, along with, the many memories and the close bonds gained with people on the team. I am already excited to see what next year brings!” shared Eliza Whedon.

Our Carolina Forest cheerleaders did a great job of not only representing our football team but also representing our school.

“School cheer is a great way to show school spirit. Cheering on Friday nights is such a fun experience, and I am glad I have met so many new people and became closer with the team. I am looking forward to basketball season and years in the future!” commented Hailey Saylor.

The football varsity cheerleader include the following; Luana Alves, Alexa Beale, Katy Bonadio, Melanie Brown, Julianna Carnucci, Presley Connell, Hunter Coriell, Kimberly Ely, Hannah Funston, Lily Gibson-Grossman, Adriane Gunter, Jordan Hale, Abigail Kerwin, Delaney Lowrie, Anna McDaniel, Cameron McWhorter, Taylor Philo, Ashtyn Poirier, Zoe Santiago,Hailey Saylor, Kamayla Ukena, Savannah Vandoros, Bridget Will.

Tryouts were held on November 6th to determine the new basketball varsity team. Avery Campbell and Alena Blazer were added to the 2018 basketball cheer team.

“I’m looking forward to getting to know the team and enhancing my skills. I can’t wait to watch our Panthers take home the wins and celebrate our accomplishments,” stated Avery Campbell.

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