Today’s Dating Scene

Today's Dating Scene

Haylee Adkins, Staff Writer

In my opinion, I do believe that dating is a thing of the past. People don’t take the time to sit down and get to know each other.

Same-sex relationships had a harder time when dating in the twentieth century. Many people had to deal with others saying hateful words to them. Even today many men and women still get treated poorly for liking the same sex, but it is not as bad as it was in the past.

In the twentieth century, dating was more of a courtship. The boy had to ask the father for permission to ask the girl on a date. The father would make sure the young man was a gentleman before approving of a date. Also, the father wouldn’t let his daughter go on a date until he knew if the young man was good enough for her.

Dating in the twenty-first century is more about the technology than actually spending time with each other. Technology is one of the main sources of how relationships have changed. Teens who are dating are usually on their phones instead of talking to one another. They are more judgemental. According to, eight percent have claimed that they have been upset their boyfriend/girlfriend has done something online.

Couples now don’t have a long term relationship. Most would date for a few months or weeks, maybe even a year and break up. Most couples back then lasted throughout their whole high school experience and traded class rings as a symbol of commitment.  Ms. Twigg dated the same person from ninth grade until the end of twelfth grade.

John A. D’Egidio, Jr. shared, “ I married my high school sweetheart!”

“All my dates revolved around music somehow-my high school boyfriend was in a band, so every Friday and Saturday night we would be at The Lazy I, which was a small music venue but is now a piercing parlor down on Seaboard street, listening to music,” commented Jennifer Hodges, a 2001 graduate of CFHS.

Barry Brunks mentioned dating a girl in high school. He would pick her up Friday and Saturday night after her shift. She was the best smelling girlfriend he’s ever had.   

I surveyed approximately 130 students, 9th-12th grade. One student wrote he feels that it isn’t meant for everybody, but when you find the right one, then it is worth experiencing. Another student feel relationships are hard to maintain and take a lot of time. When I asked what kind of dates teens preferred, the beach, movies, and restaurants were top choices. Students even commented that time is one of the hardest things when dating because some couples have homework and participates  in extracurricular activities.

Relationships these days are not like the relationships in the past. It is more complex than it was in the twentieth century. I, for one, believe that dating is of the past; do you?