All “Groan” Up – The Quarter-Life Crisis

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All “Groan” Up – The Quarter-Life Crisis

Shelbi Ankiewicz, Editor

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Am I ever going to feel like myself again? When is life going to feel like it is suppose to? There has to be more to life than this?

Most people have heard of the term “midlife crisis.” This crisis usually hits people around the age of 40.  A midlife crisis is a difficult time people endure due to aging or external factors such as stress and childhood memories.

Recently, a new type of crisis has begun, and it has people talking. It is known as the quarter-life crisis. This is guided towards young adults who are in their early twenties either in or fresh out of college. Those who say they are suffering from a quarter-life crisis do not know what they want to do with their lives. They have either changed their major various times or have moved back in with their parents until they come to a conclusion.

“I feel like I’m suffering from a quarter-life crisis because I’m a freshman in college, and I’ve already changed my major, and I think I might change it again,” said Sage Short, a CFHS alumni.

Many people suffer from this and do not know how to resolve it. This leads to people becoming confused about their future goals.

“In ten years, I hope I’m doing something that fills my heart with joy, am surrounded by my loved ones, and enjoying every single day. As of now, I hope I’ll be a teacher or a scientist or a published writer. Or maybe all those things. The future is so unpredictable, but I hope to manifest all my goals into reality,” shared Short.

Writer Paul Angone came out with a book in 2013, titled 101 Secrets for Your Twenties. He wrote it with the intention of helping young people tackle their quarter-life crisis’. It is about bringing truth, hope and hilarity for college students/graduates.

Senior Charlene Roy wants to read Angone’s book, for she has not found the right solution for her crisis.

“The thing most prevalent that’s preventing me from achieving my goals is fear. I’m afraid I won’t succeed, and sometimes that prevents me from trying to begin something. I tend to not try if I can’t see myself succeeding,” said Roy.

Many people around the world are dealing with a quarter-life crisis. Things may not be good in the short run, but in the long run, everything will fall into place.

When giving advice to other people going through this situation, Roy added, “Just hang in there – God has a plan.”

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