NJROTC – Serving our School and Community

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NJROTC – Serving our School and Community



Cassidy Duff, Media Editor

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Our NJROTC program contributes so much to CFHS. They are involved in the community in many ways as well. The cadets work very hard to be the absolute best that they can be, and it is one of the many great programs that is offered at our school.  They provide their amazing service at numerous school events. Many of these events would not be possible without NJROTC.

Some of these events include parking details for home football games, color guards for varsity sporting events, school clean-ups, providing drivers and escorts for CFHS drama performances, testing support: set-up and strike-down, Latitude distribution, morning and afternoon Flag detail, Pledge of Allegiance and Panther Pledge.

Aside from partaking in all of these events and more, NJROTC serves out in the community as well. They accumulate a countless amount of community service hours each just to give back. They have very high expectations set for them, and all of the cadets do a great job at meeting those goals. The community events they participate in are Toys for Tots, Hurricane Florence Relief, Myrtle Beach Marathon, ALS Walk for a Cure, Restoring Hope Food Bank, Community and School Color Guard Presentations, Postal Way Clean Up, and Carolina Forest Elementary Founders Day Volunteers.

The NJROTC cadets not only put in work during the school day but also after school and on many weekends as well. Many community service events occur on weekends, and school events happen all of the time throughout the year; they are always present. NJROTC puts in so much time and effort to make sure everything is done the best that it can be.

They give so much throughout the school year and still have their own events. One of the main ones that occurs yearly is the Area Managers Inspection. This takes a lot of hard work and preparation, and they still find time to serve the school and community. The AMI is a full-day event involving all aspects of the NJROTC program. There are administrative and demonstration portions of the event. The administrative portion involves a review of their academic instruction, the unit finances, their supply and uniform inventories and their compliance with all Navy instruction. The demonstrative portion includes a personnel inspection of the cadet’s uniforms, the Pass in Review Ceremony and a Unit Brief. It takes an entire year to prepare for it, and after that preparation time, the inspecting officer, Commander Jones, comes for review. The final results of AMI will be announced in May of 2019, but 10 of the CFHS cadets received the Exemplary Personal Appearance Award: Sarah Meyer; Abigail Sitarik; Zachary Gardner; Marissa Boyle; Wesley Fletcher;  Ryan Feldman; Brianna Baena; Jamille Hagan; Hannah Cross; Tyler Serrano.

Of course, none of this would be possible without Captain Kevin Boyle and Captain Gruber. They lead the students to do great things.

Captain Boyle stated, “NJROTC does not operate in a vacuum. We are wonderfully supported by the community in general, and the school in particular. It is a privilege to be a part of this program at this school.”

This program is overall well-respected at our school. Everyone contributes so much and are kind to others. NJROTC is a great asset to CFHS.

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