My Own Tale

Randie Hanson, Staff Writer

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The land of green, so fresh and pure, promises peace and tranquility

Traveling far and long, bare heel and toe, tests their capability

Four mademoiselles, I the shortest and smallest in stature

Making our quest we spot many tyrant flycatchers

Hoping to find a place of restful presence

Where nothing and no one protake in misfeasance

Considering the hardship of  life and the hand I was dealt

It is only right that I inform you on a subject that is purely heartfelt

Listen to the words I am about to express

Once I am finished you may have to rethink your faithfulness


Late in the evening the sun low on the horizon fills with shades of rose and tangerine

A mother duck waits patiently for her offsprings to arrive hoping that it will not be unforeseen

To her surprise, it did not take long

Before she knew it her babies were singing little birdsongs  

Less than a dozen golden ducklings began to appeared

Unfortunately the biggest egg didn’t hatch and the mother began to fear

Suddenly came a peck and a crack

To surprise the baby duck was grey and ugly and mother began to have a panic attack

Huge feet and greasy feather, the other ducklings did not favor him

The next day the mother decided to take them all for a swim

Every day he was pecked and pushed by ducks and even chickens

The ugly duckling wonder what he lacked and what he was missing

One day the duckling couldn’t take it any longer

So he decided enough was enough and began to yonder

He came to a swamp where only wild ducks roamed

He started to think that this could be his new home

But unfortunately the ducks began to say, “ you’re an ugly fellow, you cannot stay.”

So once again the little ugly duckling headed on his way

Lonely and upset he no longer knew what to do

No one seemed to like him he began to get the blues

Winter came and the duckling spent it long and lonesome

At last the the snow melted and the duckling had grew big and strong  

He flew high and found himself landing by a lake and heard many swan songs

A feeling of uneasiness took over as he worried about his presentation

He was ashamed of himself and bowed his head  low to avoid communication

When he bent his head, he saw his relation, and to surprise he couldn’t believe

But it was in fact, yes, yes indeed

His ugly feather were now snowy white, his neck was curved and slender

He had grown into a swan and his appearance was now splendour

The other swans came near and stroked him with their beaks

The no longer ugly duckling began to smile so large that it hurt his cheeks

Children shouted with joy at the sight of him and even threw some bread

No longer ugly, but with beauty and grace the swan understood that he was just midread


With the land of green now under our feet

And my tale has make you question what really is bittersweet?

Good things come when you least expect it

This goes to show no matter what you should never quit

When life throws you hardship it is to make you stronger

Somes pay-off may take a little longer

Never give up and never doubt

Challenge is something we go without

Now that we can rest in our land of peace

And also let all of our troubles and worries be released

Now that we all accept the cards we are handed

To understand that we are never forever alone even though we may feel stranded

Understanding this now make sure you no longer dwelling in sorrow

For today may be a bad day, but there is always tomorrow

We have now arrived to our destination

So that now we can are all thankful and fill with appreciation

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