The ART(ist) of Never Giving Up

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The ART(ist) of Never Giving Up

Cassidy Duff, Media Editor

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Meghan Norris is an art teacher here at CFHS. At 4-years-old, she was diagnosed with acquired dystonia after having about 60 strokes over the course of five days. Ever since then, she has had hemidystonia.

Hemidystonia is a form of dystonia that only affects the left or right side of the body. For Norris, it caused her to have uncontrollable muscle movements on the right side of her body. This is mostly just in her arm and leg. Because of this, her hand is in a fist most of the time, and her toes curl under her foot. This makes her have a slight limp when she walks.

 “As far as I can remember, dystonia has always been a part of my life. I don’t remember a time when it wasn’t a part of me; therefore, it just is what it is.”

Mrs. Norris has always loved the arts and has been very creative. Norris says that she would have been more involved with music if it wasn’t for her dystonia. However, in middle school, she became very intrigued by art. Even though she was unable to use her right hand, she finds very little limitation when it comes to art because she does it all with her left hand.

Not only did she just find an interest in art, but she is an amazing artist who teaches and encourages young artists everyday in the classroom.

Norris was always able to see the bright side when it came to her dystonia. She loves being very adventurous and active, and she has done many things that most have not like jumping out of a plane, running a half-marathon, and travelling to interesting places around the world, such as Australia, New Zealand, Paris and various other places.   

She wants to set an example for other people, which is why she never gives up on what she loves.

Norris says, “I hope that people see me limping or holding my arm flexed and think to themselves, ‘Well, she’s comfortable with herself; maybe I can be, too!’”

Norris encourages people and students everyday to be the best they can be. Nothing will ever hold her back, and she is an inspiring role model that everyone can easily look up to.

Everyone has something that is unique, and Mrs. Norris believes that she would not be the same person today if she did not have to overcome those obstacles. It only made her stronger in the end.

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