Amazing Indoor Amusement Parks

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Amazing Indoor Amusement Parks

Cassidy Duff, Media Editor

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Amusement Parks are always a fun time for families all over the world. There are many large amusement parks for everyone to enjoy. They provide thrill, joy and entertainment all in one park.

Something that many people do not think about when they are planning trips to an amusement park is that there are many that are indoors. They have been becoming a lot more common lately, but it is still a very different experience that not many people can say they have done.

Indoor amusement parks are also very convenient because of being able to visit them at any time. Families can be entertained on vacation even while it is raining. The weather wouldn’t affect anything, and they are easy to maintain.

The largest indoor theme park was opened by Warner Brothers in Dubai, and it was a total of $3 billion to create. It is 1.65 million square feet. It is called the IMG Worlds of Adventure, and it includes things like Legoland, a Bollywood-themed zone and a water park. One of the roller coasters there, the Velociraptor, set a new record for the fastest and tallest one in Dubai. It goes 62.1 miles per hour, and it is 124.7 feet.

There is also a huge indoor amusement park located in the Mall of America in Minnesota called Nickelodeon Universe. It is located on 7 acres of land. There are lots of things to do there besides just the rides, such as children interacting with the Nickelodeon characters.

However, there is another indoor theme park that is larger than that one. The largest one in America is the Kalahari Indoor Theme Park in Wisconsin. It takes up for than 100,000 square feet. It includes a six-story ferris wheel and an African-themed carousel. If riding rides gets boring, then there is an arcade, miniature golf and go-carts to enjoy as well.

Besides the largest indoor theme parks, there are other really popular ones all over the United States. There is the Adventuredome in Nevada that has 25 attractions, the Funplex in Texas, iPlay America in New Jersey and I-X Indoor Amusement Park in Ohio. These are just some of the largest ones in America, but they are becoming more common everywhere.

Indoor amusement parks will continue to spread everywhere. It is a very practical and fun place for families to visit to make memories of a lifetime.

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