Why I Shop at Goodwill

Kaya Perry, Staff Writer

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Growing up, I was always told, “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure,” and Goodwill proves this to be true. When I tell people I get most of my clothes from Goodwill, they give me the funniest looks, but I just brush them off because I know how amazing this place really is.

The best part about Goodwill is how they give back to the community. They provide employment, job training and other community-based programs for people in search of building their careers and skills. The money that Goodwill receives when people buy donated items goes to helping fund job training and much more.

All of Goodwill’s prices are super affordable. I can walk in with $20 and leave with two pairs of pants and a new lamp for my room. I bought my eighth-grade formal dress from Goodwill; it was only five dollars. It was in great condition, and I loved it so much! After that, I began to shop at Goodwill regularly.

When going shopping at Goodwill, you have to hope that it’s going to be a successful trip because you never know what you’re going to find…or not find. I could bring 12 clothing items into the dressing room and end up putting them all back, but then going to try on more and hitting the jackpot with my new favorite sweater or the perfect pair of mom jeans.

That’s what I love about Goodwill: the randomness.

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