What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?

What's Your Favorite Scary Movie?

Kat Turner, Silver Stream Co-Editor

If you like the authentic 1996 Scream movies, then the Netflix original Scream TV series is for you. The original Scream movies are about a masked killer who terrorizes a small town around Halloween. The TV series is similar to the original movies; however, there is a twist.

The show is centered around a group of teens intrigued with scary movies until it becomes their reality. The main character, Emma Duval, is at the center of the attraction of death but is not aware of it until the masked killer starts to take the lives of the people she loves.

The mother of Emma, Maggie Duval, is single-handedly raising Emma while harbouring her deepest and darkest secret. The unmasking of this secret will be traumatizing to the whole town and change the way Emma looks at her mother. Emma and her friends think that they have cheated death but little do they know the game has just begun.

In Season 2, Emma is still haunted by the killings that she endured during her senior year. Everybody thinks that the masked killer has been stopped, but Emma has a bad feeling that there is still someone lurking in the shadows. SPOILER ALERT: Little does she know someone is, but everyone just thinks she is just going crazy until she makes them see her reality.

Overall, if you are a lover of mysteries or the authentic Scream movies, then this is the show for you.