Does Technology Enhance or Hinder Education?


Lilly Hortis, Staff Writer

The use of technology in classrooms has greatly increased over the years. This growth has changed the ways students are taught. Now, most of students’ textbook are online as well as their assignments. Some teachers even video their lessons and post them online for students to watch and learn from. Although technology makes things easier, both pros and cons come with this growing access and dependability on internet.

Despite what some may say, technology does help education. The use of technology in classrooms can make students actually enjoy learning. There are many online websites (Quizlet, Kahoot, etc.) that students enjoy using to learn. Along with helping students enjoy learning, technology helps student to stay on task and updated with their work. Websites, such as Google Classroom, allow teachers to post assignments online. This can help students to stay up to date on their work even when they miss school. Access to technology gives both students and teacher constant access to new information.

Junior Alysa Saucier believes technology enhances education because “it provides a variety of different ways to learn and study. It also allows people to do work from home when they are out and it is a way of getting things done faster.”

Technology can help us in many ways, but it can also cause distractions. It distracts us from both social interactions and the work we need to be doing.  Both students and teachers heavily rely on technology which could cause problems in the case of internet going out, devices not being charged, or the possibility of devices not working at all. Along with this, not all students have equal access to technology. While some schools provide all students with devices, not all students have access to internet outside of school. Another issue is students not using reliable sources.

 Melissa Cannon, guidance secretary at Carolina Forest High School, believes technology has overall crippled education because “students do not know how to research and find information on their own, without ‘googling’ it.”

With all the pros and cons that come with the growing use of technology, many debate whether not technology hinders or enhances education. Some believe it does both.

Megan Spires, a math teacher at CFHS, says, “I use a lot of online resources in my classroom to help students learn and practice. However, managing students’ use of computers in the classroom can be challenging.”

Although I see both sides of the argument, I think the pros outweigh the cons. Although access to technology may distract students, it ultimately helps them. Those wanting to actually learn and are motivated will not allow themselves to become distracted. Overall, technology has the ability to both hinder and enhance education; it all depends on the user.

How will technology affect your education?