Three Strategies to Cut-Back on Technology Use

Alexis Acree, Staff Writer

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The number one contributor to teenagers’ anxiety is the usage and reliance on cell phones. Whether its a computer, cell phone, or television, through cutting back on our use of technology- even slightly, we just may improve our mental health.

  • Set time limits for yourself. Creating times that are set aside for technology is the most efficient and effective way to avoid being on it too much. Ensuring that your technology time isn’t too close to bedtime will allow for better, deeper sleep. says that your brain needs time to “unwind”. The best way to allow this is by making sure you are logged off at least an hour before getting some shut-eye.
  • Take a tech-free vacation. Yes, it can really still be considered a vacation without technology, and no you don’t have to go anywhere. Challenging yourself to restriction of anywhere from two days to two weeks with no technology is a great method to minimize use. This should also help you decrease your dependency on those little screens.


  1. Be present. Taking advantage of the moment you are in allows you to appreciate it more than you usually might. Through this, your mind will be less interested in everyone else’s lives on social media, thus reducing your use of technology.

It isn’t always easy to put the screens down, but in the end, it is incredibly beneficial.


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